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Rozmiar: 1399 bajtów

    Horses fascinated her even when she was a child. She had the first public presentation of her works in 1989 in Wilanów. This was reported in newspapers and TV. For many years she has been cooperating with publications "Kon Polski" and "Konie i Rumaki" as well as many foreign magazines by supplying her work, articles and reports from competitions and shows. In 1996 horse farm in Janow Podlaski published a calendar with her photographs, in the year 2002 she published her own calendar and in 2003 the second edition , and in 2004 third editon

    Her pictures are on the covers and inside many books: "Why does the horse neigh?", "Horse Riding for Disabled", "Manual of Horse Riding" and "ABC of Horse Riding". A set of 9 postcards with her work was just released. She works with abroad horses and takes pictures of even most exotic types of horses. She takes her pictures on breeding shows as well as riding competitions and shows. She makes photographs on the order of big breeding farms and of private customers.

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Rozmiar: 1399 bajtów
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